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Code, with its sober and elegant façade, is our largest capacity compact. With three storage spaces of 80 and 100, it has renewed its interior equipment with metal drawers and push side d o o r. Its discreet style makes it a very versatile design and easy to fit into any bathroom environment. The frame is made of fiberboard laminated in lacquered finishes and wood. With large-capacity metal frame drawers and fully-removable guides with soft close, the top drawer may be supplemented by the “cover siphon” tray if the Preloc “save space” hidden siphon is installed. Compatible with various ceramic washbasins and in particular with MX1, Sonia ́s unique mineral design washbasin, available in gloss   (Marmo) and matt (Solid). Its asymmetric design in the measures of 80 and 100 has a large basin and generous dry useful area.


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