Imagen The curtain gently falls on Sonia’s ICFF NY Debut.

The curtain gently falls on Sonia’s ICFF NY Debut.


After overcoming the nervousness that a rookie feels in the first act – Sonia performed over 3 days in New York City. The curtain has closed now, giving way to feelings and sensations; but most important, an outstanding show with raving reviews. Our brand has thrived in one of the most demanding scenes of the U.S. market. It’s demanding because of the product displayed, the visitors and the many other exhibitors. This is the design industry’s version of performing at Carnegie Hall in New York – only the best of the best are allowed.
The audience was enthusiastic and sympathized with Piwi & Bowi and Lesson 1; architects were delighted with ROOM 02 because of its materials, composition, and flexibility; FRACTAL gave the attendees finally something truly different to admire; SIDE was a crowd favorite, and S9 the new accessory collection surprised everyone not only because of its concept and design but also for its unique ways of installation: screwed or taped.
ICFF has recharged SONIA’s battery; we will keep demanding more of ourselves…and above all…we will continue to get better.

The Show must go on!

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