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Remember the last time your child said something that made you laugh out loud? Kids might be miniature in stature, but not in spirit. They keep us grounded, reminding us to not take ourselves too seriously. Sonia, never one to shy away from helping future generations, pays tribute to the little ones of our households with KIDS.
Turning the bathroom into a place of learning and play, Sonia created two endearing characters, Pini and Boni, who help educate children about the importance of personal hygiene, respect for the environment, and the proper use of the bathroom. Designed to be whimsy and colorful yet still contemporary and functional, Lesson 1 invites kids into Pini and Boni’s wacky world with the following products:
   - Magnetic cabinet with a drawable and erasable surface
   - Multi-functional stool serves as a seat, booster or storage space for bath toys
   - Folding mirror
With KIDS, Sonia wants to turn the bathroom into a fun, educational game for children. Won’t you come in and play?


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