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Nuevos accesorios de baño catálogo Universe Sonia Bath

Universe 2024 catalogue

  • Expansion of PVD finishes, providing greater quality and durability.
  • New accessories collection: Nox. It is characterized by its more industrial style and by the wide range of pieces that make up the collection. Possibility of customization for contract projects.
  • New floor accessories collection: Cement. It stands out for its microcement in colors that provide freshness and trend. 
  • We incorporate new materials such as cork for a new line of floor accessories. A commitment to sustainable and ecological.

A universe of possibilities

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Nuevos colores para los accesorios de baño

New materials and greater functionality in floor accessories

Our floor accessory offering is an innovative response to changing market needs. Our program is made up of three distinctive lines that reflect not only functionality, but also style and social and environmental responsibility. Our floor-standing accessory solutions not only meet current market trends, but also offer a variety of options to dress the bathroom without the need for screwed wall installation. Whether you're looking for classic, contemporary or eco-friendly, our program has the perfect solution for you.


Nuevos colores para los accesorios de baño


Sonia Contract Projects


New materials

We have expanded the range of floor accessories.
Until now we had Nomad in our catalog, which stands out for being made of natural stone and its striking finishes.

However, the trend of using more sustainable materials and caring for the environment has led us to opt for natural materials and more ecological manufacturing processes to expand the Freestanding program.

For the Cement collection we have opted for microcement with pigments in bright and striking colors. It is a collection that fuses craftsmanship and contemporary design.

For Bioco we have opted for commitment to the environment. Therefore, this collection is made with natural and recyclable materials such as cork. An eco-friendly option that combines elegance and sustainability.

Sonia Bath Catalogo Eletech

New collection Nox

Designed for contract projects, this collection offers a wide range of solutions to meet the requirements of any space.

  • Technical style and rounded shapes.
  • It is characterized by meticulous craftsmanship using laser-cut steel sheet.
  • Water and scratch resistant material.
  • Available in two finishes: polished stainless steel and black.
  • Special finishes option for customized projects: PVD Brushed Black, PVD Brushed Gold, PVD Brushed Champagne, PVD Brushed Copper.
  • PVD finishes to offer greater quality assurance.

Evolve mueble de baño

Nuevos acabados Tecno Project

Nuevos acabados Tecno Project


New program of wall niches as an alternative to shelves and furniture. A very trendy storage solution that offers great benefits:

  • Made of stainless steel, ideal for humid areas such as the bathroom.
  • Waterproof surface and joints.
  • Scratch and impact resistant material.
  • Three finishes available: Satin Stainless Steel, Black and White.
  • Three sizes available: 300x200, 300x300, 300x600
  • Modern and trendy storage alternative.
Nuevos acabados Tecno Project

Nuevos acabados Tecno Project


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