Imagen Cevisama 2012:

Cevisama 2012: "Sonia keywords".


The activity has been so intensive and productive during Cevisama week that we have needed to use keywords in order to express and place thoughts and feelings.

New products, media coverage, master class and traffic: these are the key points. All this with a great, nice, relax and intensive, friendly atmosphere. When things are accomplished on the right way the satisfaction starts pumping.

If you have 5 minutes… let’s recap!!!

New product: After months of intense work, research and effort, Cevisama was the climax to introduce Sonia new collections.

Fractal, represents a particular concept of a semi-geometric object that combines harmony and strong lines with functionality.  A 360º vision, that creates a different piece of furniture depending on your perspective. 

Room 02, feeds our ego when wanting to be… unique, original, inimitable or different. But also needs flexibility playing with different elements. Room 02 is the Sonia new member in M2O (Made to Order) family.

Lesson 1, ¡¡ Let’s have fun in the bathroom !! KIDS universe, a group of new products and 2 characters will be on top of this mission: Piwi and Bowi will teach and encourage children about the importance of personal hygiene, which things are right to do in a bathroom and which ones not. Also a comic, magnets, and some markers will come inside our start product, Lesson 1 cabinet.

Media coverage: exceeding expectations. Media came nationwide to know more about the brand. And they were looking for meeting Sonia children proposal. Piwi and Bowi became stars broadcast on regional and national TV shows, press, radio stations… feeling proud and happy of our “kids”.

Master Class: Raul Villares, Sonia Senior designer, and Jose Roca, CEO, wanted to share their experience in business. In a nice, relax and familiar atmosphere a group of 100 students coming from the Valencia University and the Academy of designers (Aula Temática) listened, understood and felt all Sonia experience.

Traffic: we are sure everybody knows the famous song of U2 beautiful day.  Part of the lyric says “traffic is stuck, you are not moving anywhere…” duality between good or bad where Shows can be cruel or sweet momentums for a brand. Let’s keep it as a beautiful day when clients, partners, visitors, some competitors and a lot of friends stopped by our booth and dedicate us some of their time… such a great gift. we go, SONIA is BACK. Next stop, ICFF New York !!


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