Imagen SONIA with UNICEF



We talk about crisis, cash flow problems, sales going down, qualifying rating agencies dictating if a country is good or bad…But probably we do not think about others places (the Horn of Africa i.e.) where their crisis is not new and it is not financial. It is survival and it is affecting more than 720.000 children.

Let’s imagine for a moment our childhood without all the tools and resources we had to grow up healthy. This is the situation that thousands of African kids are living. Because of this, today they are on risk of death from malnutrition.

Africa needs our help.

At Sonia we want to get involved as much as possible with this responsibility, taking action. This is the origin of our cooperation program with UNICEF (Plan Multiplica). It is a small gesture with a potential big impact that also can help sensitize more people about this serious problem.

Sonia wants to invite you to get on board on this action. Again, thousands of children are living every hour like the last one.

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