Imagen Sonia: your bath, your Universe

Sonia: your bath, your Universe


Another year and thanks to you, Sonia Univerve keeps growing up. And in order to share with you this new stage, we are launching our renewed catalog where we try to make your research easier.

What’s new this season?

The Contract universe evolution, the emergence of new universes and the expansion of the existing ones… and summarizing, bold products. All this with the maximum equity between design and functionality.

Also our catalog has evolved betting on providing more and better information.

If you are someone of those with short time, we have created an express catalog: PREVIEW. It is the magazine version that did really well last Cevisama’12 in Valencia.

What’s the highlight?

The good acceptance of all the new collections: Fractal, S9, Side, Room 02 and Kids. We invite you to discover them!
And for the little ones?

With no doubt, KIDS is being the big surprise. Some Media TV has been broadcasting this Sonia new initiative. Why not teach children in an educational way about how to use correctly the elements in the bathroom?

Our two characters Piwi, the naughty, and Bowi, the patient polar bear teach children about being responsible and take care of the environment. Besides, when buying the “Lesson 1” cabinet you will get the exclusive Piwi and Bowi tale.

By the way… did you visit our new site?

Discover our best shop window: where the new brand mentality and philosophy is reflected.

Sonia: your bath, your Universe.

If you have 5 extra minutes, check it out.

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