Spanish Bathroom Passion

Thousands of years and cultural mixtures cause us the love of art which is the essence of our products, driven by a deep tradition, in our case, industrial knowledge. 
25 years have been an arduous learning and we continue to pursue the path of excellence, thanks always to our driving force for change, our passion.
Our passion is a way of life, this is how we understand our environment, our work, our products, our sea and sun, culture, art and tradition.
And passionately listening other cultures and markets, always with sensitivity to understand, learn and find new solutions for you, wherever you are, bringing to you a nearby universe.
Unique bathroom pieces, accesories and furniture with personality that involve and suggest emotions.
We are art, we are passion, we are tradition, we are quality, we are Sonia!

With each new product, new client or new idea, Sonia has evolved as a company. With each new product, new client or new idea, Sonia has evolved as a company.

creating products that inspire people’s lives and build a stronger connection to their environments.

And we continue learning, not only to produce better products but to be better, looking to go beyond, feeling and taking responsibility through real actions that will help keep our environment to help the people around us or to protect our culture .
This is the passion that has helped us to start over every year as if it were the first and build what is now Sonia. And this is the path that will move us towards what tomorrow will be.

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